through the magick of being human

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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It’s not about changing yourself, rather it’s returning to the natural state of who you are.

Within you are multiverses waiting to be discovered.

Your Soul Essence blueprint, intertwined with your humanity, holds timeless wisdom. The natural state of who you are is deeply connected to this inner knowing of infinite truth, love, and the boundless ways life expresses through you. As a multidimensional being, your experiences are woven into the fabric of the Universe, creating sacred alchemies through cycles and rhythms.

However, life can also be challenging and messy, especially when society imposes a distorted paradigm of perfection. Society tends to categorize and label aspects of being human as either "good or bad," "right or wrong," "successful or not successful," "beautiful or not," and so on. This separation of the self has become so prevalent that its impact often goes unnoticed across all aspects of life. It's important to remember that life encompasses a spectrum of experiences, not just polarities.   

Society may put you in boxes, but you are so much more than that.

 Energy frequencies are the language of the Universe & EVERYTHING carries energy behind it.

Your life force is composed of countless intertwined energy codes and chords.

These include physiological, biological, genetic, ancestral, survival, emotional, archetypal, and spirit codes, each emitting specific energy frequencies.

Even a small change in one part of the code or frequency can create a completely different outcome. The variations, tones, wavelengths, frequencies, and combinations are immeasurable.

Every experience and interaction in your life carries these energy chords that impact every aspect of your existence. They influence your thoughts, beliefs, relationships, work, creativity, and everything in between. When energy is fractured, it can only emit signals from its fragmented state. These fractures occur when there is trauma, which is any separation from your whole self that distorts the energy and communication circuitry.

Trauma is not limited to significant events; it can also occur in everyday life. These seemingly small moments often go unnoticed or brushed aside as you carry on with your daily routine. However, they become significant energy entanglements within your system.

That's where 

Traumas and fractures occur in the daily various aspects of your life when you diminish yourself. This could be in your relationships, work, needs, or desires. It happens when you compare yourself to others or seek validation externally. Ignoring your true feelings or trying to do everything alone also contributes to this fragmentation. Believing that getting what you want takes away from others further tears at the fabric of your being. These traumas build up over time, often subconsciously, as coping mechanisms from past experiences.


you may intentionally avoid addressing these patterns, but most of the time, it's not intentional. You're simply trying to navigate life and survive.  However, when you try to move forward without processing and digesting these micro-chords of trauma, you're only operating with a fraction of yourself. The past experiences, whether personal or ancestral, continue to impact your present. Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit are all interconnected, and these old survival patterns affect the energy behind your life and hinder full integration.

The good thing is...


Instead, you are in a constant state of alchemy. Alchemy is the transformative process that encompasses ALL aspects of your being. Every part of your human experience, including the wounded and fractured pieces, holds the potential for transformation. Your mind, body, emotions, and spirit are interconnected, and they weave together your inner and outer worlds. Within you lies innate wisdom and a direct connection to the Essence of who you are.


 If everything is already in me, then why does it feel so hard? 

Neuroscience has found that 95% of our lives are governed by our subconscious.

This subconscious functioning is a remarkable survival mechanism that operates without conscious awareness. The subconscious acts like a sponge, absorbing information and creating coping and survival mechanisms to navigate life's challenges. These mechanisms manifest in various ways, from small details to overarching themes, all interconnected within a network.

When faced with similar situations, the subconscious retrieves these coping codes automatically, without conscious thought. It relies on stored data for immediate access, seeking out past experiences to determine how to cope and survive.

However, the challenge arises when these unconscious operating systems do not update themselves as you grow and develop. The energy becomes fragmented and divided, causing frustration for the 5% of consciousness that desires change. While these old survival codes were once necessary for your well-being, they now act as obstacles and limitations as you strive for personal growth and transformation. Your sense of wholeness is accessed through separate and fragmented parts, if at all.


So how do I update these old codes?  

The keys to unlocking this, lay within the medicine of being human. 

Throughout your life, you will continuously revisit every aspect of it, whether consciously or subconsciously. From your core beliefs to the present moment and into the future, you cycle through these experiences.

 Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes forms. 

 Your personal experiences provide a deeper understanding beyond what you can learn from books or theories. Every experience holds purpose and potency.   It's not about agreeing with what's happened, but rather processing & integrating those experiences. This allows you to retrieve your own truth, soul, and gifts from those timelines, rather than them continuing to  operate from a fractured or wounded state.

 Because ALL of you is sacred, the journey begins on the inside.  

When you tend to the seed of your soul, and nourish the multi-facets of your being, everything gets to flourish within and without

If you're ready to step away from the perfection paradigm, & deepen the inner knowing that is calling you towards... something MORE

If you're ready to dismantle the bullshit keeping you separate from your own authentic truth & the WHOLENESS you are

If you're ready to re-connect or deepen your own Inner Compass of healing, so the harmonization of your natural rhythms and cycles can empower & support all aspects of your life

 If you're ready to say YES to yourself, & integrate the multiverses of you in ways you can learn and grow from

If you're ready to access or deepen the wisdoms & gifts within your humanity & lineage

Meet me on the inside
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 Ancestral Medicine Wombyn, Seer & Inner Truth Guide

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My philosophy is, the more you know about yourself- the more can live in a way that is truly aligned for YOU.

In my sessions, I work with Ancestral Matrixes, tuning in & repairing damaged or distorted light code blueprints in your ancestral and star lineages. These distortions can be compared to the game of "telephone," where the original message becomes skewed by the time it reaches you.  Just as your ancestry carries traumas, it also carries deep gifts meant to flow through you (your BEing +your frequency) co-generating a whole new medicine. I love helping unlock the magick within you & helping it manifest as starlight through your human vessel.

  As a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient channel, I work with the energetic aspects that contribute to the wounds and separations from your authentic self. These imprints can come from fractures in your lineages and personal experiences. I work with your energy as a co-creation alchemizing the woundings into wisdom, so you can live in the present as the LOVE YOU  truly ARE & express your truths in infinite ways. I also teach you how to play in the Cosmic realms in the expressions of humanity, so your own rhythms & innate channels of healing can flow within the depths of all your experiences.

 It's not about changing yourself, rather it's returning to the natural state of who you are.  My offerings will help you make the mind, body, emotion & soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.


Jenn has a very genuine and grounding presence. Each session is unique and deep in unexpected ways & she is able to ride the wave with you while holding space with compassion and understanding.  

My work with Jenn has unlocked patterns/beliefs/issues for me that had had limiting and painful effects on my life & I have gained clarity and healing in areas where I have often felt hopeless. 

It's really amazing how she can tap into your energetic anatomy and communicate with your body. I really recommend experiencing it for yourself as it is hard to describe in words the magic that can happen in sessions"

- Joslyn Strickland 
Marriage & Family Therapist


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Scarlet Ravin Owner/Founder of Whitefox Nectars

I got a session with Jenn seeking clarity and healing. I'm a sensitive being and energetic readings seem to heal me the fastest and in the most aware way.  I've had many sessions with healers but Jenn... Jenn really helped me transform through her abilities. 

What she saw and shifted allowed me to see myself in a way that freed me.

  Instead of 20 in person therapy sessions, it just requires one remote session with Jenn. Since my first session with her (and more sessions) my spiritual transformation and growth has sped up beyond what I could have imagined. I feel held and love by her even outside of our session space and I find her to be a true medicine woman from the Divine. I share her contact with everyone who feels ready to level up as she will be the jet fuel to any transformation you seek!

Kris Davidson- Entrepreneur, Sacred Geometry Artist

What a profound and effective method for healing.  It was affirmed to me within first 5 minutes of my first session with Jenn that this practice is legit and powerful.

Sessions with her showed the type of person she is.  Completely solid and strong, wise, and someone that you can totally trust and be vulnerable with. 

My full support to her and the continuation with this practice.

Collette Simanello, Entrepreneur

I wanted to go into this unknown practice with a full open heart and be receptive to what it fully has to offer.  With many things 'unknown' you have some skepticism about what it has to offer until you fully can live through it and experience it for yourself.  I experienced two sessions with Jenn, and if I had to sum up those two events into a few words it would be: you don't quite realize the depths in which you reach with yourself until the next day, when the dust has dissipated and you have time to connect with what you have gone through in the session.  When in the session going through the motions and where Jenn directs and assists your mind to help take you- it is not forced, but rather your body and mind take you to places that are asking to be opened up. 

Through this leading for myself, helped to turn over rocks deep within my soul that otherwise were cold and musty, but now it's almost as if those areas are allowed to breath and flow freely.

  This is a beautiful journey to take, and so often we do not because it hurts, it feels gross and it's 'easier' to shove them under the rock.  Her sessions allow yourself to naturally take it where it needs to go, almost like autopilot, but rest assured knowing that it will land safely.

Hayley Jackson, Acupuncturist

The sessions I had with Jenn were profoundly healing and revealing!! Whatever was tapped into needed to be remembered by my waking conscious and has improved my relationship with my family and myself.

I feel I gained perspective on my life that I would never have otherwise and it has helped me to proceed with confidence into the vast unknown future.

Jenn, you are such a comforting, shining light. You lead with ease and in a way that allowed me to dive deep into forgotten territory with less fear than I had anticipated. The work I did with you is always unraveling in discreet but in profound ways. 

R. Wolfe, Entrepreneur

I had almost given up-  therapist after therapist and psychotherapists & I always left them feeling worse than when I came in. I was already in a lot of pain and depressed and sick. I had lost hope as to what to do and how to do it.  When I first met Jenn I didn't know how she could help me, but found she has a great powerful gift.

 She brought me back to myself, back to hope, and helped me learn to listen to the truth inside of me.

 I finally came into my SELF. So much of my thinking and perception around my value changed, and gave me the confidence I never had before.  I don't know if I would still be here if it weren't for working with her.  My life has changed, and although I still have my ups and downs as life brings, I have the greater ability to handle these things.  She helped give me the tools  to live life in my truth and worth in a way I didn't think possible.

Zee Burke, Entrepreneur

I didn't know what to expect at first.. The soul mapping alone was awesome and a key to many doors of opportunities of growth in itself.  The questions that Jenn started asking were so simple yet so hard to answer.  The questions were difficult because you really had to go deep inside yourself and be totally real with yourself and not sugar coat the answers. It was also cool and eye opening in so many ways of just what you actually think of yourself and where you come from.   When we were done with the Soul Mapping, Jenn asked if i had an intention going into the session and I stated what my intention was very clearly.

What an amazing experience. I personally went into a past life or what i thought was a past life...i  don't know if this actually happened but the clarity that it brought to me in this current lifetime is astonishing. 

The parallels and synchronicity that have been brought to my awareness and the connecting of the dots is profound and honestly just cool as shit...  What was really incredible is the intention that i went in- everything she touched on and shifted was so interconnected & way beyond! Working with her is straight up next level.... Jenn is amazing at guiding you through this experience and what and experience it is.  Thanks and can't wait for more of this journey...