authentically through the magick of being human

It’s about the journey, not the destination

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It’s not about changing yourself, rather it’s returning to the natural state of who you are.

Within you are multiverses waiting to be explored.

Your Soul Essence, intertwined with your humanity, holds timeless wisdom. Your true nature is intimately connected to this inner knowing of boundless truth, love & the limitless ways life expresses itself through you. As a multidimensional being, your experiences are interwoven with the fabric of the Universe, creating sacred alchemies through cycles and rhythms. This inherent wisdom guides you to walk a path that  resonates with your heart, allowing your authentic self to continuously awaken & emerge. 

However, life can also present challenges & complexities, particularly when society imposes a distorted paradigm of perfection. Society often categorizes and labels different aspects of being human as either "good or bad," "right or wrong," "successful or not successful," "beautiful or not," and so on. This separation of the self has become so prevalent that its impact often goes unnoticed in various aspects of life. It's important to remember that life encompasses a spectrum of experiences, beyond mere polarities.   

While society may attempt to confine you within boxes, you are so much more than that.

Life is an unfolding journey back to the remembrance of Wholeness & Love you are. This journey involves the alchemical merging of our human experience with our spiritual Essence, which is intricately connected to our deep Inner Knowing. As we navigate our human existence, we embody the vastness of the Cosmos itself. 

Within you resides a unique Soul Signature Essence that can only be expressed through your authentic self. This Essence is a precious gift that you bring to the world. The more you delve into self-discovery and gain knowledge about who you truly are, the more you can live a life that is in alignment with your true nature. 

There are innate rhythms of wisdom within the connection of body, mind, emotions & spirit. Within the depths of your life experiences and the wounds you have endured, lies the potential for profound healing and transformation. These experiences also carry the seeds of your own unique gifts, medicine, and magick.

Energy frequencies are the language of the Universe & EVERYTHING carries energy behind it. 

  Your life is a matrix of life force energy with countless interconnected strands, each emitting its own unique frequency.  Even the smallest alteration in one part of this intricate code or frequency can lead to a completely different outcome. The variations, tones, wavelengths, and combinations are truly limitless.

Every experience and interaction you have in life carries these energy strands that profoundly influence every aspect of your existence. They shape your thoughts, beliefs, relationships, work, creativity, and everything in between. When energy is fragmented, it can only emit signals from its fragmented state. These fractures occur when there is trauma, which is any separation from your whole self that distorts the energy and communication pathways.

Trauma is not limited to significant events; it can also occur in everyday life. These seemingly small moments often go unnoticed or brushed aside as you carry on with your daily routine.   However, they build up over time, often subconsciously, as coping mechanisms from past experiences & become significant energy entanglements within your system. 

On an ancestral level, these intergenerational distortions can be compared to the game of "telephone," where the original message becomes skewed by the time it reaches you.  These past experiences, whether personal or ancestral, continue to impact your present and affect the energy behind your life.

 The good thing is...


Rather you are in a constant state of alchemy. Alchemy is the transformative process that encompasses ALL aspects of your being. Every part of your human experience, including the wounded and fractured pieces, holds the potential for transformation and the exploration of new ideas. Your mind, body, emotions, and spirit are interconnected, and they weave together your inner and outer worlds. Within you lies innate wisdom and a direct connection to the Essence of who you are.

Just as your ancestry carries traumas, it also carries deep gifts meant to flow through you (your BEing +your frequency) co-generating a whole new medicine.

 When you align your energy, you align to the life in all things.


 If everything is already in me, then why does it feel so hard? 

Neuroscience has discovered that a significant portion, approximately 95% of our lives are governed by our subconscious.

This subconscious functioning is a remarkable survival mechanism that operates beneath our conscious awareness like an automatic survival system. It absorbs information from our surroundings & creates coping mechanisms to navigate life's challenges. In addition to our individual survival mechanisms, we also inherit intergenerational survival mechanisms that are interconnected within a vast network. These mechanisms play a significant role in shaping our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

When we encounter similar situations, our subconscious retrieves these coping mechanisms automatically, without conscious thought. It relies on stored data from past experiences to determine how to respond and survive.

However, a challenge arises as these unconscious operating systems do not update themselves as we grow and learn. The energy becomes fragmented and divided, causing frustration for our conscious mind, which represents only about 5% of our awareness. While these old survival codes were once necessary for our ancestors or own well-being, they now act as obstacles and limitations as we strive for personal growth and transformation. Our sense of wholeness is accessed through separate and fragmented parts, creating a sense of disconnection.


Amidst all that's been, there's MORE...

You've felt it stirring, something deep inside summoning...



The journey inside

 Realigning to your True Essence & most authentic self  

Stepping away from the pressure of perfection, & delving into your inner knowing. Beckoning from something inside of you & yet beyond what you've known.

Dismantling the bullshit & barriers keeping you separate from your own authentic truth & the WHOLENESS you are

Accessing and deepening the wisdoms & gifts you have within you, and retrieving the gifts within your lineages & humanity so it can flow through you authentically in unlimited ways

Reconnecting or deepening your own inner compass of well-being, so you can harmonize your natural rhythms and cycles, empowering & supporting all aspects of your life


Living in a way of integrating all the different aspects of yourself & inner worlds, while continuously learning and growing from them




The natural state of you being YOU, is the greatest gift to yourself, others and the Universe.

 if you're ready...

Meet me on the inside
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 Ancestral Medicine Wombyn, Seer & Inner Truth Guide

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My philosophy is, the more you know about yourself- the more can live in a way that is truly aligned for YOU.

  As a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient channel, I work with the energetic aspects that contribute to the wounds and separations from your authentic self. These imprints can come from fractures in your lineages and personal experiences. I work with your energy as a co-creation, alchemizing the woundings into wisdom, so you can live in the present as the LOVE YOU  truly ARE & express your truths in infinite ways. I also teach you how to play in the Cosmic realms in the expressions of humanity, so your own rhythms & innate channels of healing can flow within the depths of all your experiences.

During my sessions, I focus on working with Ancestral Matrixes to tune in and repair any damaged or distorted light code blueprints within your ancestral and star lineages. It brings me great joy to assist in unlocking the magic that resides within you and the limitless ways it's meant to flow through you.

 It's not about changing yourself, rather it's returning to the natural state of who you are.  My offerings will help you make the mind, body, emotion & soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.


Jenn has a very genuine and grounding presence. Each session is unique and deep in unexpected ways & she is able to ride the wave with you while holding space with compassion and understanding.  

My work with Jenn has unlocked patterns/beliefs/issues for me that had had limiting and painful effects on my life & I have gained clarity and healing in areas where I have often felt hopeless. 

It's really amazing how she can tap into your energetic anatomy and communicate with your body. I really recommend experiencing it for yourself as it is hard to describe in words the magic that can happen in sessions"

- Joslyn Strickland 
Marriage & Family Therapist


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