Since coming earth-side, I saw, heard & felt the world interwoven with the energy behind the physical....  when there was harmony (the frequency flow of natural state) and disharmony (when the energy was fractured/torn or blocked).

Raised in a religion that posited there was only ONE view/way that was "right", pushed against every fabric of my being.  With all the complexities of eco-systems within eco-systems, within multiverses, within endless realms of forms, frequencies & limitless variations in our world, there was no way possible we as humans were the only exceptions to that.

As  clear as I felt in the Spirit realm all day… a big part of my "work" was about showing up & being present through being human.  After continually being imprinted that being myself was not ok.. the last thing i wanted to do was be in my body.  The more I detached from my body, the more my spirit disconnected.  The more I tried to ignore my being… the heavier/denser the energy became both inside and around.

Through the deepest pains, separations & initiations in my own life, the journey of being Human brought me through the depths of  alchemy within of ALL of the facets of life & the medicine in it, unraveling the truth of LOVE in all things that was there all along.

Through my addictions, I discovered the medicine that is within every element and the difference between entering into a co-creation of intention with something vs it being used as an escape. How to be present through honoring of the sacredness within it all things, myself & how we co-created.

Through the heaviness of being in the physical body, through rapes, betrayals and infidelity.. I learned the power of being within my body, emotions, soul & spirit that none could claim. 

Through multiple miscarriages and dealing personally with death & grief & depression... taught me the sacredness within life’s natural rhythms and cycles. The importance of the flow of emotions & deep inner wisdom & strength that lay within- to break and fall apart into nothingness so i could be reborn more whole... a continual refinement unfolding. The sacred dance of life, death & rebirth... connecting me even deeper to the realms of Spirit, and energy through the Medicine of being Human. 

Because it's not about changing yourself, rather it's returning to the natural state of who you are

It is my honor to work through the depths of your Human Medicine, Soul Essence & everything in between so the magick alchemy that is you can live in the limitless ways it's meant to.

So thank you for being here... thank you for being


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