Philosophy #1

Life is an unfolding journey back to the remembrance of Wholeness & Love you are. This journey involves the alchemical merging of our human experience with our spiritual Essence, which is intricately connected to our deep Inner Knowing. As we navigate our human existence, we embody the vastness of the Cosmos itself. 

Philosophy #2

Within you resides a unique Soul Signature Essence that can only be expressed through your authentic self. This Essence is a precious gift that you bring to the world. The more you delve into self-discovery and gain knowledge about who you truly are, the more you can live a life that is in alignment with your true nature. 

Philosophy #3

There are innate rhythms of wisdom within the connection of body, mind, emotions & spirit. Within the depths of your life experiences and the wounds you have endured, lies the potential for profound healing and transformation. These experiences also carry the seeds of your own unique gifts, medicine, and magick.



As a seer and psychic channel, I have the ability to tap into the convergence of your Spirit Essence and human experiences. In this space, I can identify and address any energetic distortions or blockages that may be present.

Through my channel, I'm able to connect with the infinite realms of your being & communicate with Source  seeing where your deep medicine and gifts lie within the wounding.

I create a sacred and non-judgmental space where your authentic truth can emerge and where you can fully express yourself, no matter what state you are in. I serve as a neutral channel for your highest truth and spirit to communicate what needs to be heard and how it can be balanced and brought into greater harmony. 

Each session offers a deeper understanding of the profound healing potential that lies within the intertwining of your spiritual and human nature. It is a journey of discovering and embracing your most authentic self, allowing you to fully embody who you are meant to be.

During our sessions, we co-create a transformative experience together. It is my honor to hold space for you and support you on your path of self-discovery and healing.



Since coming earth-side, I saw, heard & felt the world interwoven with the energy behind the physical....  when there was harmony (the frequency flow of natural state) and disharmony (when the energy was fractured/torn or blocked).

Growing up in a religion that claimed there was only one right way to view the world went against everything I felt at the core of my being. The complexity of ecosystems within ecosystems, within multiverses, within endless realms of forms and frequencies, showed me that humans couldn't possibly be the only exception to this interconnectedness.

Although I felt clear in the spiritual realm, a significant part of my journey was about fully showing up and being present in my human experience. After being repeatedly told that being myself was not acceptable, I wanted nothing more than to disconnect from my body. However, the more I detached from my body, the more my spirit disconnected as well. Ignoring my own being only made the energy within and around me heavier and denser.

Through my own deepest pains, separations, and initiations, the journey of being human led me to explore the alchemy within every facet of life and the inherent medicine within it. I unraveled the truth of love that had always been present in all things.

Through my struggles with addiction, I discovered the medicine that exists within every element and the difference between engaging in a co-creation of intention and using something as an escape. I learned how to be present by honoring the sacredness within all things, including myself, and understanding how we co-create our experiences.

Through the heaviness of being in a physical body and experiencing traumas like rape, betrayal, and infidelity, I learned the power of being fully present within my body, emotions, soul, and spirit. These experiences taught me that no one could claim power over these aspects of myself.

Experiencing multiple miscarriages and personally dealing with death, grief, and depression taught me the sacredness within life's natural rhythms and cycles. I learned the importance of allowing the flow of emotions and tapping into the deep inner wisdom and strength that reside within us. These experiences allowed me to break apart and be reborn into a more whole version of myself, a continual process of refinement and unfolding. It deepened my connection to the realms of spirit and energy through the medicine of being human.

Because it's not about changing yourself, rather it's returning to the natural state of who you are

I am truly honored to journey with you into & through the depths of your own human experiences, your Soul Essence, and everything in between. Together, we will explore the magickal alchemy that exists within you, allowing you to embrace and embody the limitless ways in which you are meant to thrive.


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