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How Nurturing Gentleness Opens Creative Forces

Oct 15, 2019

The very Essence of Gentleness Awakens deep within a gratitude of Allowing.  It the gift of BEing, for she is an extension of love.

So many times along our journey & trying to just get through the day, it's easy to get caught up juggling so many different things and trying to hold it all together. Gentleness is often the gift we forget to give ourselves.  It's easy to forget her potency in the day to day or judge ourself in comparison to others. 

But she is there, beckoning us to be enveloped by the magick she provides. 

Her tenderness calls us to lean intake comfort & receive.  For even a long pause, a deep breathe in it's simplicity...can reset our whole nervous system. 

She calls us to play... That's the beauty of gentleness.  She's there to remind us of what can happen with the magick of her softening as her essence permeates and supports with ease.  

Gentleness is there to hold, support and love regardless of where we are and how we feel. She is an extension of Love. 

She interconnects the power of our heart force and reverberates waves of love into the web of creation and possibility.  The limits, bounds and boxes that have been formed in what we've been trying to do and achieve begins to shift. It unfolds, emerges past, opens, swells and expands into different possibilities and new ways of BEing from her gentle assurance.  

She also shows us the sacredness in the destruction of old creations as it gives birth for a new way to emerge.  This may show up in a self limiting belief... something we've been a part of for so long... not out of want- but merely an old way of being.  The simplicity of Gentleness dismantles the blocked force and she shape-shifts in and through it... creating a life force that sweeps over, in & under...dancing into the cracks and dark places... breathing the most powerful ease of love into the parts that are calling.


Gentleness heals the way we relate to ourself... and can altar worlds of how we relate with others. 

When we nurture gentleness within ourself, we are acknowledging the sacredness of our human spirit container on this earth walk. 

Think about some of the most breath taking places on earth.  Many if not most of them are in Nature.  What happens when you see those places, or even think of the feeling it emotes?  There's a gentle serenity it summons... a deep awe for the majesty for the life force energy, just in its state of being.  And yet, by just BEing, creates a vessel of unlimited possibilities.

 When we nurture gentleness, we nurture the love within our self. The quantum effect ripples out into the cosmos and the energy within us that creates worlds emerges.

 Gentleness is there to help remind us of our worth and the endless possibilities of alchemy that is made from every aspect of our life.

Hear her loving call today... Where is her creative force summoning you to allow in the space to play, expand, soften, grow and create?  To push beyond the bounds of what has been into what has the possibility to BEcoming...  


As Above, So Below


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