Inner Plane Transmissions

Infinite possibilities are created through YOU ♡

Nov 15, 2021

Hi Beautyfull Starlights, 

I've been inward for a while.... 

Listening in deeply... then deeper still...

Unfolding over and over again as we're meant to in the rhythms of life, so the expansion of our own inner truth can emerge from our natural state of being who we are ... into something beyond what we've known...

I've been joking/not joking lately that my mantra has been

"FUCK everything you think you know about yourself!!"

A truth that resonates deeply within, as Human BEings (aka Starlight in form)

We are not meant to be defined, limited or boxed in by a title, role, job,  relationship, money, perceptions of others etc... 



What we do and how we co-create is infinite.

Because no matter our age, what we think we’ve known or know, or how long something has existed (for example: a negative belief system around not being worthy of love, or having to hide the true self)...

 We are meant to journey further still.. 

to the unfolding our own true BEing.... 

our own Essence....which even then, 

is meant to continue to deepen & expand...

 where Energy is neither created nor destroyed, rather changes forms.


 YOU are a multi-dimensional being interwoven with the fabric of the Universe.

BEing human (all the ranges of emotions, depths, feelings, colors, medicines, lessons, contrast, truths, visions, dreams, varieties, & continual evolutions of these) are the deep magick of endless ways this starlight moves through each of us. 

No matter where you are in the process, even if you can't feel or see it... infinite love/creations/possibilities are yours.  A part of your Cosmic DNA interwoven with your human vessel.  Literally your birthright... 

Even in the depths of the shit is where your Inner Being is communicating that all of these places feels like shit, because it's still subscribing somewhere to old belief systems and coding that continue looping the circuitry of belief that  you are small, finite, limited, not good enough, not where you should be, never works out for you, not worthy.... the list goes on..  

Feeling into the shit is where your Inner Being is trying to remind  you that you are MORE... More than your stories, more than your past, more than what's happened or what you've experienced... more than what you've been told, more than what you know.   And for that to happen, it is the journey THROUGH it that reveals an emergence beyond the limitations of familiarity into something of magick. 

Magick through your humanity.  Magick where the Essence of you being in your body, emotions, mind, and spirit are dancing through limitless ways... being here, where BEing YOU has the energy to create worlds.     


It is THROUGH this process that creates the changing of forms.  Reflected in nature through her rhythms, cycles, and seasons... 

 Just as a caterpillar may believe it’s life is over... everything it’s known itself to be, literally dissolves...

everything is re-arranging and out emerges a more whole/true self that was there all along.  

who we are, is always becoming

 add in the multiverses of other beings on the planet & Cosmos and

the possibilities are endless.


Like a sacred spiral, ALL of these are meant to continue to go through rhythms,  & cycles, to fall apart so it can fall into place, contract, expand, evolve, update & refine through a deepening of understanding, a greater illumination into these aspects. 

And just like a snowflake... how/what that looks for each one is so unique, individual & personal. 

I’ve been sitting with the medicine of Beautyfull diversity in our planet.  As people’s, creatures, plants, elements, minerals etc... 

In awe of how the varieties exist even in the same species creates limitless ways in mirroring possibilities of co-creation...  

Offering opportunities to exchange ideas, to honor each of the gifts and talents of one another, working with our own rhythms and respecting the rhythms of all other things.

My system has been saturating in the beauty of all the colors... how even within a small amount of primary colors,  vast array of shades and tones exist.  Whether alone or creating something with another, produces limitless experiences depending on the one perceiving it.

For example..

If you take a moment to close your eyes and imagine...

  • what are the first colors that come to mind when you're visualizing?  What are you drawn to?  How many different tones can you imagine?  what are the textures?   


  •  How are they interacting? Are they swirling? melding? intermixing? dancing? repelling? harmonious? loud? quiet?  (Insert your own personal feels)  


  • what frequencies and vibrations do you feel them emanate? How do these mix with the feels of the other colors? How do they begin to infuse with you?


  • Where do these things arise in your system? Where can you feel it in your body? mind? emotions? spirit?


  • Where does it feel absent or stuck? What type of sensations? Does it feel loud? not at all? subtly? (insert your own)


  • Take some nice deep breaths.. & just take a moment to be present with all of this.  Let it permeate within.

 Just as these multiverses of colors... You too love are infinite worlds.... Within and without.   An alchemy of different elements co-creating something together... individual and yet connected. 



 because the thing is, 


whether we are being conscious of it or not. 

So How is it we co-create with one another on our earth walk?

If we could understand the medicine of ourself & each person as intricate masterpieces of limitless creations , how is it that we could generate through our words, through our hearts, through our visions?  


Wherever you are in your journey...

My heart is in gratitude for your starlight here on this earth, at this time. 

I bow in gratitude for all of the multiverses and aspects YOU are.

I bow  in gratitude to the magick of


Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you  


As for myself, I have some exciting things coming soon that have been brewing in the alchemy pot.  You can sign up if you'd like to stay connected/updated or if you just want occasional love notes from me. 

Sending love always,

As Above, So Below


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