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Love expands your Storylines

Dec 02, 2021


Hello Beautyfull 

Did you know that the narrative that runs through your mind, body and spirit has an energy current behind it?

With the subconscious "sponge" literally taking everything in with no filter, most of the times these storylines/currents play out what from what we've experienced through what we've been told or shown. 

 If you imagine for a moment, all of the stories of your life being narrated to you through the eyes of your parents, teachers, friends, lovers, society etc... these are limited through the views of someone/something external.  

These external energy currents can only go so far.  While they may seem to reach the depths of your being and may seem like your own, they only touch the teeniest tiniest fragments of the multiverses of energy and creative life force that is your natural state.

Love expands your storylines, because it is the natural state of who you are.  One of wholeness.

Your Soul Essence Blueprint (the way energy moves through you) and your human experiences are an extension of the alchemy between the Cosmos and Earth.  You are a continuation of Source energy. You are a multidimensional being interwoven into a singular existence. This deep inner knowing within you awakening is ready to step beyond the limitations coded through past experiences, past lives, old belief systems,  and enter the realms of expansion of Love that you are.

Your Inner Being, the Source within you, that you are a part of and have access to at every moment has been calling... communicating

All the places that have been operating from external energy that contracts, feels small and may hurt… because who you are is SOOOOOO much more.  Beyond what you've been told, taught, experienced, or seen. 

Because you not meant to keep operating from a contracted energy… that contraction like the breath is meant to lead to expansion.  Expansion beyond something that can be defined or put into a box 

It isn't about "letting go" or getting rid of these places, rather a deeper, more whole understanding that each part of you, each multi-facet is an extension of love. 


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