Inner Plane Transmissions

♡ The Medicine of Contraction to Expand ♡

May 06, 2022


Hi Gorgeous Human Starlight..

Sometimes the limitless of who you are is not always apparent. In the moment, it can feel like...


On top of that, so much of how and what you naturally experience in life that is an essential part of you gets put through the polarity paradigm of whatever doesn't fit into "good or bad,” "right or wrong,” is discarded & pushed away as if it has no place. This old paradigm feeds the program that if you are in a place that doesn’t feel good, then there must be something "wrong" & what you need to do, is get OUT of it as fast as possible. 

 Yet there is an interwoven part of THOSE very feelings, energy, time and space that are deeply connected to everything else in your life. The timelines of past, present & future are constantly communicating and co-creating.  And in being human… the experiencing of both sides and everything in between is where the depths of your own personal medicine are cultivated.


Unfortunately in most the world, the imprint & reinforcement of what “IT” “looks like” in the external is focused as the main importance, creating a constant striving for something on the outside to match projection from others, which may not truly be aligned with what’s occurring internally.  This causes a straining from an external push to get somewhere or make something happen vs an internal pull that would naturally lead to what is most aligned for you as an individual.

And because most traumas (any separation from the WHOLE self) are left “undigested,” the gifts from that timeline are often hidden & stuck operating from the energy that created a fracture from the self.  An essential part of the co-creation dynamic between you and EVERYTHING is directly affected by your relationship to what you've experienced, and how much you've been able to process it.  From there, a synthesis of co-creation occurs in a myriad of ways.

When the multi-facets of yourself are disregarded or skipped over, pushed down & away... it robs you from processing, integrating & experiencing the measureless realms and layers where sacred alchemy of infinite experiences & worlds within and all around you are created. 

Hence, it's easier to keep repeating the same story... operating from a limited amount of energy, boxed into a form of perfectionism expectation which no one fits in. The striving of this "goal" of this singular mold can only operate from a small, minute capacity & is not sustainable. 

When the range of how you “should” feel is purported as “good” & anything else other than that doesn’t belong, the very essence of contraction is limited to one of constriction. And trying to move forward with only the "good" parts, is like trying to move everything forward with only a fragmented part of yourself.  YOU… are not just comprised of only “good” and “bad” parts… to limit your existence between two polar opposites is to limit life itself.


Yet the true Essence of contraction is the very catalyst for bringing forth new life.  Through contractions, there is a creation of space created from the withdrawing from what is external, to drawing in- towards the center of being & life force.  It is this very pulse of contraction that creates space & stimulates the process of forward movement to occur. 

 The universal measureless range of human feelings, emotions and experiences that cause you to contract, are the very same ones that hold a deep medicine meant to cause you to expand.  

What is arising, is actually presenting itself in all realms to bring in a deeper understanding of yourself and how you get to co-create with the world around you.  Life is a sacred spiral & as a multidimensional being, you are always going to be re-visiting some aspect of your life, yourself & your experiences throughout it… but HOW it is that you are interacting with those timelines EACH TIME offers an opportunity for something new to be created. 

The practice is in being PRESENT with what is.  Through this practice, the space is created for a deeper illumination of your TRUE BEING to emerge.  This is not always easy.  Honestly… this can be the hardest part.

Because often what is showing up in the contraction are distorted fears & deep rooted belief systems around yourself, your worth, your value and “who you are”.  If the energy associated with this continually feels limited & limiting… each of these are pieces & aspects of you asking to be seen, heard & understood on a deeper level.

Contraction is a process, and how that transpires for each person is going to be unique for them.  It doesn’t operate on someone else’s timeline.  There is a sacred surrender involved in working with contraction… not one of having to be “ok” or agree with what’s happened..  rather within each time, How much am I willing to see?  How much am I ready to see?



It’s not about changing everything overnight or having it all figured out… Sometimes the understandings of yourself may have been practiced over most of your lifetime, plus add in the old patterns and belief systems carried through the line of Ancestry & repetitive woundings with that… it can feel overwhelming. 

The practice of being present with what is arising is so deeply potent & can begin in small ways that reach deeper than it seems. 

Being present might feel like, “This fucking sucks!! And feels really hard!!!!!”   The ranges of whatever is showing up, resides & takes up space within… and sometimes they just want an acknowledgment of exactly where they are in order to shift.  If you’re present with “This fucking sucks!!!” you are creating space for whatever feels like it sucks to be seen.  Is it a situation? Work? Relationship? etc?  What is is about it that makes you feel that way? Does this remind you of other times you’ve felt this way? How much of this feeling do you try to ignore? How much space does this take up in your life?

If you think about it… it makes sense right?  Imagine having a conversation with someone, where after you heard what they said, you tried to communicate something, yet they ignored you.  So you tried saying it again… maybe they just didn’t hear you… and you were ignored again.  Next you tried again, this time getting louder… and they just ignored you.  This obviously would not feel the greatest, and the energy building up inside usually gets stuck inside and festers, or might come out in a forced way.  As much as that person is a part of that experience... how is it that you meet that experience inside of you? 

To be present with something... to allow it to process.. is to BE A PART OF WHAT IS BECOMING, not only from the narrative of what's been... but allowing it to unfold into something more expansive than what is known from the past. 


Being present with what is, allows the sacredness of processing to emerge. This starts with a surrender to the deep inner knowing inside of you… when you no longer run from who you are.  Like a melting into the self.

When you step through the threshold of you inner being, it creates the sacred container of alchemy between flesh and spirit.  Here, the deconstruction of the masks of identity formed in the outer world begins.

At first, this can feel like uncertainty in this transition… but what gets to transpire through this doorway is the transformation of everything you’ve known and experienced.

  In the potency of contraction, space is created through your presence for more of YOUr energy to flow through.  With practice, stepping towards your inner self creates a space for an expansion to begin by accessing your own energy lines that are no longer serving, true or requiring an update.

You can feel it, even if you’ve never had an example of it…

the deep inner knowing that pulls you towards more…

to remember…

What you're searching for, has been inside all along.

No matter what has happened up until now, or what you’re experiencing… you get to keep assessing, growing, stretching, evolving, refining & expanding.

You get to KEEP becoming

Over & OVer

Not in a repetitious cycle, but the sacred spiral of of birth, death & rebirth.  Energy neither being created nor destroyed… rather the dance of energy changing forms. 

Where the blockages in energy light codes that you may see as flaws or scars become the starlight dust that illuminates your own deep medicine and inner treasures.Your light & becoming is infinite. 

 Within you is the energy to create worlds. 


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-Close your eyes & begin visualizing a stream of liquid golden light from the center of the Universe infusing in through the top/center of your head.  Imagine this golden light is infused with the codes of healing to whatever it is that is coming up for you. 

With every inhalation, breathe this liquid golden light into your being.  With every exhalation, breathe out the bullshit.  And with every exhalation, bring into your awareness that as you breathe out, this contraction creates more space for more of you each time.  

Allow the liquid golden light to continue streaming from the Universe, in through your head, your brain, down through your spine, into your organs, all the way out through your root chakra into the earth.  Imagine this liquid light infusing in through your arms, your hands, legs and feet. 

If theres any place thats's feeling it might need/want extra attention, use your breath to guide more light into that space.

You can use this Invocation to help support this practice:

I call to the Blessed Cosmic Mother & Cosmic Father

Gift me with courage, love & grace

to surrender the ways I've retracted my life force

to hide & protect the parts of myself wounded by others.

Help me to receive love & acceptance of myself and others 

and  to experience the magick of myself without hiding. 

May the Essence of my Being awaken & remember this truth within.

I accept your help, in unconditional love now.

 Repeat 3x   


As Above, So Below


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