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You are not here to prove, You are here to simply & Divinely be yourself

Dec 08, 2020

Being Yourself.

This may sound like the most obvious, easy thing and yet the hardest.

Because so often we’re taught, ”your value, your worth, where you are and who you are is measured & confirmed by someone or something outside of you.”

This understanding of how you perceive yourself mostly feels like your own, with some sort of invisible measurement reminding you that you’re somehow “missing the mark” when you compare yourself to the way you “should” look, be, or show up.

But the truth is…. the most potent way to be and walk through the world is to be authentically you. You are literally made of stardust, and there are multiverses inside of you… limitless possibilities through which you are meant to discover and express who you are.


This is actually the greatest gift to yourself, others and the world. When you live limited by someone else’s expectations, or visions of you or for you… so much is lost.

To live by your Inner Knowing never takes away or hurts another, as it is connected to the heart. This Divine spark of Unconditional love operates on a win for you, win for others, win for the Universe. It opens up the harmonics of your own light frequency that alchemizes the 3D with the deepest magick.

When stories or feelings of separation or worth come up, these are the places that your deep wisdom is showing you that are asking to be seen and bring truth into. When you nourish these aspects (that are existing within a conditional, limited field) it has the ability to dismantle the energy current behind it and alchemize it to unveil the truth of who you are. These are the places in your Being asking to be illuminated by your own brilliance, your natural state and Divine right to BE.

The natural pull inside of you that whispers…. “there’s something so much more than this..” even if you’ve never had an example of it. This is the truth that lives inside of your Being.
Each person has their own authentic truth.. This is the beauty.. How is shows up, what it looks and feels like has infinite possibilities in your own discovery.

By nurturing and tuning in with the sense of your own self, you can notice if it is ebbing or flowing.


Some things you can journal out (and write down vs just in your mind… there’s something magick that happens.. i promise….)


  • Where have you bought into the illusion that you would be happier if you changed because someone wanted you to?


  •  Where have you believed that in changing who you are, you might be more lovable or accepted?


  •  What aspects of yourself have felt not good enough or not doing it right?


  • What truths or versions of truth have you been living by that are not your own


  • Where did these come from? Can you remember the moment? Parent? Teachers? Friends? Society?


  •  How do they show up in your body? Your thoughts? Your emotions? You’re Spirit?


  •  Imagine these beautiful rainbow lights extending from your fingers & pulling these energies out (they may be a certain color, consistency, feeling, etc) and put them into a beautiful golden cauldron where it begins to alchemize…


  • Imagine all that is not yours, all that has come from others begins to alchemizes into the most beautiful liquid golden, platinum & rainbow light and infuses back into each person/source.


  •  Imagine all the wisdom and truth of who you are in those times transforming into the most beautiful liquid golden, platinum, rainbow light and infuse back into you. Bathe in this shower of your true Essence.


  • Make an intention or practice (can even be a little thought or mantra) to connect in with your inner being. YOU


Let the world sparkle with the magick of who you are. ✨


As Above, So Below


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